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Erica Tierney
2014 RMU Alum, Early Childhood Education/Special Education
3rd Grade Teacher
Avonworth School District

I started at Robert Morris in 2010 as an undergraduate interested in going into education. I attended the University of Alabama for the previous year and found that it wasn’t the right fit for me. I was hesitant to start college classes again because of, what I considered, my failure at my first college attended. However, from the first classes I took at Robert Morris I knew that it was the right place for me. I started, like all undergraduate students, taking my core Robert Morris classes. I got experience working with professors and students from all different backgrounds and with all different goals. Working alongside this diverse population in my early time at Robert Morris helped me to be more outgoing and more open-minded. As I progressed through my program, my classes got smaller and students’ interests became more focused. In the education program, we became a family. In all of my classes, all of the students helped one another. We helped each other, relied on each other, and trusted each other. The small class size made this possible. Unlike my previous college experience, I felt home. I felt that I mattered to my University; I wasn’t just another student number and a tuition check. Robert Morris University gave me the experience through my course work and international opportunities to be successful in my field. Without RMU, I would not have been placed in the school district that I am now currently employed. Robert Morris has opened doors and widened my horizons in the time I have attended.


Jamela Mack
2016 RMU Alum, Early Childhood Education/Special Education
Early Childhood Teacher
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jamela Mack has been employed by Crafton Children’s Corner at their Green Tree location in Parkway Center Office Park since August 2016. Jamela is the Lead Teacher in a classroom of 18 children who are three and four years old. Her position is funded by the PreK Counts of Pennsylvania and her salary is equal to a first-year teacher in many area school districts. The PreK Counts Program has very high expectations of the teacher and she has gone well beyond those expectations. Jamela was part of the staff who, this year, reached the highest level of quality for Early Childhood Programs, a Pennsylvania Star 4!

“There’s so much that I love and appreciate about my job, but I especially love the relationships that I've developed with my students and their families. I get the opportunity to have face-time with families every day and communicate with them often. I am fortunate that my students and their families are just wonderful to work with daily, they have made my first year of teaching so enjoyable. RMU has well prepared me for this job throughout my undergraduate education and has given great support even after graduation. My classroom is fully inclusive; I have students of different ages and a wide range of abilities, so differentiation is a major part of my planning and instruction. I have applied much of what I've learned about inclusion and differentiation from the special education courses I took as well as student teaching. I student taught at Moon Area SD and in New Zealand, which was amazing preparation for this position; I am so grateful to RMU for having provided those opportunities. I am fortunate to have met professors and mentor teachers through RMU who are role models to me and still influence me as a teacher.” ~ Jamela Mack, ‘16


Robert Aitken
2013 RMU Alum, Master of Education (M.Ed.), Reading Specialist, K-12
Reading Specialist
Title I Teacher/RTI Coordinator
Horizon Science Academy
Cleveland, Ohio

I attended Robert Morris University for my Master's degree in Literacy. It was the best choice I made in my teaching career. It was a convenient, fast-paced program that allowed me to complete my degree and certification in just over one year. Since graduating, I was offered a position in the public schools as an RTI coordinator. Every day I am applying all of the theory based practices and hands-on learning that the RMU clinic provided. The RMU clinic provided me the tools and experience needed to truly understand and make policy changes for our reading program in my district. I am forever grateful because without the knowledge and training of the professors and the program at RMU, I would not be doing what I love!