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Performance data on RMU's teacher education programs can be found below.  

Enrolled Students:SESS
  • An enrolled student is admitted to a teacher preparation program, but has not completed the program during the academic year.  Demographic information on enrolled students is here:
  • All student teachers complete a Teacher Work Sample (TWS) assignment, which demonstrates professional competencies, skills, and knowledge acquired during the teacher education program.  The Aggregate Teacher Work Sample Ratings are here:
Program Completers:
  • An individual who completed the program during the academic year is a program completer and not an enrolled student.  Information on program completers are here:
  • Students must demonstrate professional competency knowledge by passing the Praxis or PECT exam in the content/discipline area.   To see information on the Praxis II and PECT results for program completers from 2011-2016, click here

  • Each student teacher is formally observed at least three times to assess their preparedness for the classroom.  Written evaluations by the University Supervisor are scored using the PDE 430 Statewide Evaluation Form for Student Professional Knowledge.  Program completers' PDE 430 ratings are here:

Initial certification education students follow the Teacher Education Progress Process for undergraduatespost-baccalaureate students, and transfer students


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