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George W. Semich Ed.D.

Professor of Education
Director, IML Doctoral Program
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Patricia A. Zusinas, M.S.
Doctoral Assistant
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Ph.D. in Instructional Management and Leadership

Program Format
The three-year Ph.D. program in Instructional Management and Leadership degree program has a unique format. Each year, students are admitted to the program in the summer semester and move through the program together as a cohort. Students attend classes one evening per week during the fall and spring semesters and complete a summer session two nights a week for three years. Each course is enhanced with online instruction. The dissertation credit courses are offered via a seminar format.

Click here to view the curriculum and course of study for the program, and here to view the program goals.


Dual Focus
The Ph.D. in Instructional Management and Leadership program focuses on two skills critical to professional educators today - management and leadership. Often, educators and corporate leaders are forced to choose between the two, yet both must work interdependently to accomplish the goals of the educational institution.

As Stephen Covey (1992) suggests, "You manage things, but you lead people." This program provides learning opportunities for teachers to better manage resources in the classroom or their respective disciplines while learning better, more effective ways to manage students. For administrators, the program offers problem-solving strategies in the areas of curriculum, technology and supervision that relate to management, and it offers creative applications of leadership in working with faculty and parents in the educational setting.

Finally, with its emphasis on both instructional management and leadership, the program provides a diverse yet highly specialized background in education leadership, which may help professional candidates find positions in higher education and the corporate world.



Research is a comprehensive, integrated component of the program. Each semester includes a research course designed to build upon and support previous work while exploring new concepts that will lead to the completed dissertation.

You'll enroll in dissertation seminar classes upon completion of an initial sequence of four research courses. The dissertation seminars guide you through the formulation of a problem to defending the dissertation proposal by allowing you to apply the skills mastered in previous research courses.