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Master of Education in Special Education

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Special Education is designed to meet the needs and interests of teachers and administrators who have the desire to increase their knowledge in working with students with a disability or a desire to become a special educator.

Successful completion of the 30-credit Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Special Education provides the content certified teacher with an additional certification in Special Education (grades PreK-8 or grades 7-12), granted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

Successful completion of the 30-credit Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Special Education provides already certified special educators with the additional Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsement granted by the PDE.

This program provides learning opportunities for classroom teachers to better manage resources for students with disabilities. For the general educator, program components offer problem-solving strategies in key areas of curriculum and technology. Finally, the program provides a diverse yet highly specialized background in special education, which can help both current teachers and school administrators.

Graduate degree candidates enrolled in the program receive one-on-one advising, attend small classes, collaborate with practitioners and administrators in local school districts, and develop close relationships with faculty who have diverse experiences in K-12 schools. Degree candidates are engaged in innovative programs, partnerships within the school communities, and student organizations and volunteer opportunities.

A unique component of the RMU program leading to the M.Ed. degree in Special Education is the practicum requirement. For students seeking advanced studies in special education, their practicum involves a research project in special education. For those seeking special education certification, their practicum is designed to engage students in 90 hours of field-based, directed study experiences under the supervision of a mentor.

To find out more about either the PDE requirements for Special Education certification or to find out more about the academic requirements for the RMU program leading to a Master of Education degree in Special Education, please contact Dr. Bruce Golmic.

Course Requirements

The M.Ed. degree in Special Education is comprised of ten 3-credit graduate special education courses. The traditionally delivered RMU graduate courses are held one night a week from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. during the Fall and Spring semesters at the Moon Township Campus. Each semester consists of two 8-week sessions. Students can complete the degree in one year by attending classes two evenings per week, or can complete the degree in two years by attending class only one evening per week. Students may also opt to attend courses during the summer semester.

Additional Certification Requirements

In addition to the course requirements, there are other Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and RMU degree program requirements that each student must fulfill for certification. The PDE requires that each degree candidate complete a minimum number of field hours working with students with a disability, and these hours may be completed in a variety of instructional settings. For secondary content teachers, field hours are completed working with students with a disability in grades 7-12 and in transition services. For elementary, early childhood, or middle level certified teachers, field hours are completed working with students with a disability in grades PreK-8. In addition, all applicants for special education certification must meet qualifying scores on the Pennsylvania Education Certification Test (PECT) for special education (for either grades PreK-8 or for grades 7-12, based on content area certification).

Academic Advising

Comprehensive, continuous academic advising is crucial for success. Each graduate student in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Special Education is assigned Dr. Bruce Golmic as his or her academic advisor. Dr. Golmic is the M.Ed. in Special Education Coordinator, and degree candidates meet with her at least once per semester from the time they enter Robert Morris University to the time they complete all degree program requirements.

Admission Requirements

Candidates for the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Special Education must hold a current teacher certification in a general education content subject, have a bachelor's degree with a 3.0 GPA, submit two letters of recommendation, provide a copy of all transcripts and current clearances, and complete an RMU graduate application.

To apply, go to rmu.edu/gradapply. You can complete the application online with no application fee. Alternatively, you can download the graduate application PDF form, and then mail in the completed form with required documentation and $35 application fee.

Click to visit the RMU Office of Graduate Admissions website to find out about tuition and fees, financial aid, and how to apply for the program; or contact the Office of Graduate Admissions directly at graduateadmissions@rmu.edu or 800-762-0097.

Initial certification education students follow the Teacher Education Progress Process for undergraduatespost-baccalaureate students, and transfer students


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