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Ph.D. in Instructional Management and Leadership

Doctoral alumni have worked in industry and corporate training, have gone on to teach full-time and part-time at colleges and universities, and have been promoted to administrative positions in higher education such as department chair, dean and provost. Alumni have also received positions as principals, curriculum directors, and technology directors.

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Alumni Profiles

Wiam YounesWiam Younes is an Information Security Training and Awareness Coordinator at Carnegie Mellon University. She manages the training and awareness program by building information security awareness content, conducting workshops, holding training events and managing online content for the university faculty, staff, and students. She is an adjunct faculty member at Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon, where she teaches a graduate course in Introduction Security Training and Awareness. Younes credits her education and learning experiences at Robert Morris University for the acquired skills in conducting research, and publishing and presenting at national and international conferences in the areas of Educational Technology and Cyber security education.

Fourteen years ago, Chef Cindy Komarinski earned an associate degree in food service management from WCCC and was hired as a member of the Community College faculty. In addition to her doctorate from Robert Morris University, Komarinski holds professional certifications as a certified chef d'cuisine (C.C.C) and culinary educator (C.C.E .) through the American Culinary Federation Education Institute.  Active within the American Culinary Federation Laurel Highlands Chapter, Komarinski has served as president, vice president and treasurer. Her accomplishments include Chef of the Year (2006), President's Award (1996), honorary member of the American Academy of Chefs (2011), WCCC Educational Foundation Outstanding Teaching Award (2011), and chair of the ACFEF National Apprenticeship Committee (2015).