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IML PhD -- Online

The three-year online program has a unique format.  Each year, students are admitted to the program in the summer semester and move through the program together as an online learning community.  Students are enrolled in one class for each eight weeks during the fall and spring semesters and are enrolled in two classes during the summer semester which starts in May and ends in June of each year.  All courses below are delivered online.  


Course of Study

Year 1

Summer (6 credits) 
Critical Readings in Educational Research (3)
Applying Instructional Technology (3)
One week residency

Fall (6 credits)
Qualitative Research (3)
Instructional Leadership in Curriculum Planning (3)

Spring (6 credits)
Quantitative Research (3)
Statistics I (3)

Year 2

Summer (6 credits) 
Teaching in Higher Education/Technology, Leadership, Curriculum (3)
Introduction to the Dissertation (3)
One week residency with Chapter 1 (advisor and committee)

Fall (7 credits)
Dissertation Seminar I (1)
Program Evaluation (3)
Law and Ethics in Education (3)

Spring (7 credits)
Dissertation Seminar II (1)
Leadership Theory (3)
Leadership Practice (3)

Year 3 

Summer (8 credits) 
Dissertation Seminar III (2)
International Perspectives (3)
Managing the Instructional Environment (3)
One week residency for proposal defense 

Fall (8 credits)
Dissertation Seminar IV (2)
Writing for Publication (3)
Managing Finances and Budgets (3)

Spring (6 credits)
Dissertation Seminar V (6)
Final dissertation defense