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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is a growing discipline and career field in the US today, and one that increasingly requires a bachelor’s degree. The BS in Criminal Justice degree at Robert Morris provides a rigorous education for students interested in pursuing careers on the federal, state or local levels of the criminal justice system.

For more information about the Criminal Justice program at Robert Morris University, please contact  Dr. Frank Hartle  at or 724-612-1233.


This degree equips graduates with broad knowledge, which is particularly important as career paths in criminal justice vary between government, education, health care and security. Building upon communication and critical thinking skills instilled in the RMU core, this degree includes course offerings in sociology, psychology and political science.

The criminal justice degree at Robert Morris offers students the opportunity to pursue further studies in needed areas such as cyber forensics, data analytics and forensics through the requirement of a minor. Through the degree courses and a recommended minor, graduates are positioned to fill the most sought-after skilled professions. The technical focus on the profession makes students into marketable candidates by preparing them to add value and skill to their future employers from day one. The practicum, an internship experience, is required in the final year. This is particularly crucial, since it enables students to receive actual work experience in the criminal justice system, and many criminal justice jobs require work experience in the field. Beyond gaining professional experience, the practicum also helps students make more informed decisions concerning their career path.

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