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Master of Science in Business Education

This master's program is designed for those engaged in teaching business concepts and studies in public, private and corporate educational institutions.

The 30-credit program also assists individuals desiring initial or additional secondary teaching certification in business, computer and information technology. If you wish to pursue secondary teaching certification concurrently with this degree program, please notify the Graduate Admissions Office of your intention to do so upon application.

Through this program, students engage in effective, advanced studies in areas relating to the learning environment, the improvement of instruction, and professional development. In consultation with a faculty advisor, you'll design a personalized program of study by choosing elective courses that best meet your own objectives. You may specialize by selecting courses that parallel a business education certification area, or choose electives from a wide array of education and business administration courses. This flexibility is a key feature of the program.

Courses normally are scheduled during four eight-week evening terms from September to May. During the summer months, classes also are scheduled during the day for more intensive study. These summer courses may have learning sessions or project advisement conferences arranged by the instructor. Because of the competency-based format, credit allocations for some courses are based on content rather than on the number of class meeting hours.

Teacher Certification

In addition to the course requirements, there are other program and certification requirements that each education student must fulfill, in order for the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to grant you a Pennsylvania Instructional I Teaching Certificate. The steps are outlined in the post-baccalaureate Teacher Education Progress Process (TEPP).


The M.S. can also be combined with post-baccalaureate certification in Business, Computer and Information Technology.

The coursework for the program has four components:

Area I - 12 credits

  • EDUC6000 Critical Issues Affecting American Education
  • EDUC6010 Theories of Learning/Instruction
  • EDUC6020 Assessment/Educational Statistics
  • EDUC6130 Research Seminar

Area II - 9 credits
Select three courses from:

  • EDUC6040 The Learning Environment
  • EDUC6110 Computers in the Classroom
  • EDUC6060 Curriculum Design and Development
  • EDUC6080 Special Learning Problems
  • EDUC6090 Learning Systems and Instructional Decision-Making
  • EDUC6100 Multimedia Design
  • EDUC6120 Instructional Leadership Management
  • EDUC6210 Internet/Basic Web Page Design

Area III - 6 credits
Select two elective courses from:

  • EDUC0630 Introduction to Theory of Online Education
  • EDUC6100 Multimedia Design
  • EDUC6110 Computers in the Classroom
  • EDUC6210 Internet/Basic Web Page Design
  • INFS6120 Visual Basic Programming

Area IV - 3 credits
Select one elective course from:

  • Courses listed above that have not been taken
  • Independent or directed study courses approved by the department head and school dean
  • Other graduate courses offered by the University for which prerequisites have been met

For More Information, Contact:

Dr. Richard Fuller, D.Ed. 

Department Head, Education
Professor of Education
School of Education & Social Sciences

412-397-6029 Phone
412-397-6044 Fax
Nicholson Center 458
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