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Industrial—Organizational Psychology

The concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology is offered as an option for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology.

Click here to view the checksheet for a B.S. in Psychology with a Concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

In addition to the courses required as part of the B.S. in Psychology, the concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology includes the following courses:

  • MGMT3100 Management Theory and Practice
  • MGMT3400 Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT3600 Human Resource Management
  • PSYC3740 Psychological Assessment

As well as the choice of  two of the following courses:

  • ANTH1020 Cultural Anthropology
  • ECON4150 Behavioral Economics
  • MGMT4205 Human Resource Mgmt Seminar
  • MGMT4270 Quantitative Analysis For Human Resources
  • MGMT4540 Recruitment and Retention
  • PHIL2009 Business Ethics 

Industrial-Organizational Psychology is the scientific study of working and the application of that science to workplace issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations. The scientific method is applied to investigate issues of critical relevance to individuals, businesses, and society.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this area of psychology is predicted to have the highest percentage growth of any occupation with a 53% growth rate from 2012-2022.  

Some of the job titles available are Organizational Development; Training and Development; Professional Development; Leadership Development; Evaluation & Assessment; Testing Programs; Leadership Research; Applied Behavioral Research; Behavioral Analyst; Behavioral Scientist; Talent Management Specialist; Executive Coach; Career Coach; Leadership Coach; and Assessment and Selection Specialist.  

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has resources available for students, click here to view them. 


For More Information, Contact:

Kathryn Dennick-Brecht, Ed.D. 

Department Head, Social Sciences
Professor of Sociology
School of Education & Social Sciences
412-397-5419 Phone
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Nicholson Center 461
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