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Teacher Certifications

Bachelor's Programs with Teacher Certification

Early Childhood (grades PreK-4): 
Middle Level (grades 4-8): 
Secondary (grades 7-12): 

Applied Mathematics -- Teacher Certification*
Biology -- Teacher Certification* 
Business, Computer & Information Technology -- Teacher Certification
English -- Teacher Certification*
English/Communication -- Teacher Certification* 
Social Studies -- Teacher Certification*


* Offered with other RMU content-area departments

Advanced Certification and Endorsement Programs

Autism Spectrum Disorders Endorsement Program (Traditional or Fully Online) 
Principal Certification Program
Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) Certification Program
English as a Second Language Specialist Certification (Grades K-12) (Fully Online Program)
Certificate in Online Teaching Program -- PA Endorsement (Fully Online Program)
Certificate of Advanced Study in Reading (Fully Online Program)
Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Certificate

Post-Baccalaureate Initial Teacher Certification Programs

  * May be combined with an on-ground Master's Program:

Biology Teacher Certification* (Grades 7-12)
Business, Computer & Information Technology Certification (Grades K-12)
Early Childhood Education Teacher Certification (Grades PreK-4)
English Teacher Certification* (Grades 7-12)
English/Communication Teacher Certification* (Grades 7-12)
Mathematics Teacher Certification* (Grades 7-12)
Social Studies Teacher Certification* (Grades 7-12)

Master's Programs

Master of Science  on-ground
* May be combined with a Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program


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Dr. Richard Fuller, D.Ed. 

Department Head, Education
Professor of Education
School of Education & Social Sciences

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