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Early Law School Admission Program
Social Sciences LogoThe Early Law School Admission Program (ELSAP) at RMU provides high-performing students who desire to go to law school the opportunity to complete three years of undergraduate work at Robert Morris University followed by three years of law school at Duquesne University School of Law.

The credits from the first year of law school are counted towards the B.A. in Social Science. Students graduate with their undergraduate class four years after they matriculate at RMU.

The Early Law School Admission Program in the School of Education and Social Sciences works with the following majors:
For frequently asked questions about the Early Law School Admission Program, click here.  

Program Criteria 
Students interested in ELSAP should notify their admissions counselor and meet with the chair of the Social Sciences ELSAP Committee their first semester at RMU.  Full-time on-ground freshmen students are eligible; transfer students are not eligible. 

Priority consideration is given to students who have received a 3.5 or higher in their first semester at RMU and who have a recorded standardized test score of either at least 21 on the ACT or a 1040 on the combined English and Math SAT. 

Procedure to Become a Candidate
Interested students must complete the following in their second semester at RMU in order to be considered:

The departmental committee will consider the applications during the spring semester, and applicants who are accepted as candidates will be asked to meet with the chair of the Social Sciences ELSAP Committee  and to sign a waiver indicating they know the program requirements and conditions.  Only when this process is complete may the student be added to the checksheet for the program.  

Program Requirements
When students are added to the checksheet they become candidates for early law school admission.  To continue on the checksheet students must maintain a 3.5 GPA, make appropriate academic progress as determined by the Social Sciences ELSAP Committee, be a member of the Pre-Law Society, take part in the Pre-Law Advisory Program and receive academic advisement by the Pre-Law Coordinator, Prof. Louis Swartz, take the LSAT in the fall of their third year, and in the spring of their third year have in-person interviews with the University committee at RMU and with the Director of Admissions of Duquesne University School of Law.  

Law School Admission Requirements 
To be admitted as a law student at Duquesne University under ELSAP students must fulfill the program requirements and receive a score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) above the 60th percentile.  

For More Information, Contact:

Philip J Harold, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean               Professor of Political Science
School of Education & Social Sciences
412-397-5417 Phone
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