History and Political Science Advisory Board: Robert Morris University History and Political Science Advisory Board | Robert Morris University

History and Political Science Advisory Committee

Laura Amster
Global Solutions Pittsburgh
Margaret Ballenger Everly
Morgan Stanley
Financial Advisor
Lauren Fraley
Director of Communications, 
Penn Future
Heather Heidelbaugh
Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl
Susan Hockenberry
Local Government Academy
Executive Director
Nancy Mills
Allegheny County Democratic Committee
Senator Guy Reschenthaler
PA State Senate
Matt Smith
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
Allegheny Conference on Community Development
Ben Stahl
Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.
Director of Programs and Operations
Elizabeth Stelle
America's Future Foundation & Commonwealth Foundation
Planning Committee Chair

School of Education and Social Sciences 
Administrators and Faculty

Dr. Mary Ann Rafoth, Dean
Dr. Philip Harold, Associate Dean
Dr. Kathryn Dennick-Brecht, Social Sciences Department Head
Dr. Danial Barr, University Professor, History
Dr. Justin DePlato, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Dr. Soren Fanning, Assistant Professor, History
Dr. John McCarthy, Associate Professor, History
Joshua Caskey
Gabriel Dachille
Robert McGlennon

For More Information, Contact:

Kathryn Dennick-Brecht, Ed.D. 

Department Head, Social Sciences
Professor of Sociology
School of Education & Social Sciences

412-397-5419 Phone
412-397-6044 Fax
Nicholson Center 461
Moon Campus
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