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The economics program at RMU gives students transferable skills.  Study in economics is excellent preparation for careers in business, industry, banking and government, graduate work in economics and social sciences, and advanced professional education in law, journalism and business.  Economics majors graduates rise beyond middle managers in various industries, and qualify for positions in research and consulting as well as careers in government.  

Students studying economics at Robert Morris learn to use economic data to analyze economic trends, evaluate competitiveness, and make strategic plans. They can apply insights from behavioral economics to human resource management, saving, investment, and wealth management decisions.



Economic concepts such as opportunity costs, sunk cost, and marginal analysis are important not only for managing the daily operations of an organization, as well as long-term investment decisions.  A broad view of global, national, and industry trends is necessary to understand and predict the forces that shape the real-world decisions of companies and of non-profit organizations. 

The economics major at Robert Morris also gives students the flexibility to add minors in fields of interest, like Business, International Studies, Political Science, Legal Studies, or Web Design.

RMU economics graduates have gone on to law school, graduate school, and employment with industries such as financial services and insurance.

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