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Service Learning in Serbia


"Service Learning in Serbia" is a new faculty-led study abroad course at RMU.

This course (SPED0302) will give pre-service student teachers, majoring in early childhood and special education, the opportunity to travel to Belgrade for two weeks, to work with children, both with and without disabilities, who are living at the Zvecanska Children’s Home.  The course is open, however, to all majors. As a zero-credit course, it can fit into any checksheet.  

The entire trip abroad costs only $2,500, which includes roundtrip airfare.  

RMU students will be able to personally experience, observe and discuss disability complexities by working with children with disabilities in Serbian communities.  Lifeline, HRH PK Foundation, and Dr. Susan Parker hope to create a sustainable partnership that will benefit the children in Serbia, while exposing RMU students to differing special education systems, supports and philosophies, making the theoretical discussions of the college classroom come to life in real-world situations. The course (SPED0302) will be added to the Robert Morris University course catalog for Fall 2016.


The New York Times recently asked, Is Belgrade the next Berlin? 

"A stony gray city with battered trams and gritty charm, the Serbian capital sometimes looks like an Eastern European cousin of the German metropolis. Throw in Belgrade’s cafe scene, low prices, talented young designers, emerging former industrial districts, sausage-filled cuisine and unbridled night life — from D.J. bars to party boats to all-hours nightclubs — and the comparison seems even more compelling.... Belgrade, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, offers its own distinctive appeal, with storybook historical districts and venerable fortresses and parks."

The New York Post writes how Belgrade is reinventing itself, and has a "life that holds promise of the future as young people sit in cafés and talk about the local music scene, relax on party boats and indulge in a restaurant culture worthy of any European capital."


Where East meets West; from cosmopolitan shopping & dining to a medieval fortress!

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New at RMU

Scholarships up to 50% off tuition, and graduate assistantships, for the Reading Specialist program

Literacy tutoring is also available for children through the Peirce Center for Structured Reading.

Visit Belgrade, Serbia


Work with children at Zvecanska Children’s Home

COST ONLY  $2500

 for 12-14 days

(Amount includes RT airfare.)

Contact Dr. Susan W. Parker, 

for more information.