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RMU Recommends Book Lists

RMU Recommends

A new initiative from the faculty of the RMU Department of Education,  RMU Recommends is  a program to provide a listing of  excellent books and reading applications for children and adolescents. Each year at our spring Education Conference the lists are updated and expanded.  Click here for the full listings: rmu.edu/RMUrecommends

Each  faculty member has also picked their very favorite children’s book; we also chose “best books” for varying age levels, books that feature special needs children, and the best reading Apps appropriate to use in conjunction with quality literature: 

As faculty interested in high-quality literature for children of all ages and backgrounds, the RMU Recommends team gathered resources appropriate for both educators and caregivers. Lap time and reading aloud to children is correlated to and predictive of children who will be successful in school and become lifelong readers. The gift of reading can be shared at any age and can change the way children interpret their worlds. Join the RMU Education faculty in making reading a daily activity in every home.

Click here to view information on the RMU Recommends Teamwhich includes Dr. Carianne BernadowskiDr. Vicki DonneDr. Shelly HaserDr. Shellie HipskyDr. Susan ParkerDr. Mary Ann Rafoth, and Dr. Nate Taylor.