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Teacher Education Office

Undergraduate Students

Robert Morris University offers degrees for students who wish to be certified to teach in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Additionally, undergraduate students can also join the Accelerated Master's Degree Program and a Minor in Education is also available.

The handbook for secondary certification is here, and the handbook for early childhood education, early childhood education with special education, and middle level education is here.  The chair of the Education Department is Dr. Richard Fuller.  The program coordinators are listed here. 

Click here to view the requirements for admission into RMU. Transfer applicants to all these programs from other institutions and from other majors within RMU must have a 3.0 GPA in their college coursework from their current institution, submit three clearances and passing score results from the Basic Skills Exam

Admission to the Education Program at RMU comes with candidacy, the first step in the Teacher Education Progress Process. 

Live Text

Live Text is the data managing system for ALL teacher education students who will be certified through a RMU teacher education program with the PA Dept. of Education (PDE).  ALL data assessment points are uploaded into Live Text in order to evaluate the progress on each and every RMU teacher education student in coursework, dispositions, field experiences, pre-student teaching, and student teaching. The data is used for the student’s PDE certification and RMU mandatory reports issued to PDE, CAEP, and the federal government.  Students purchase and activate a Live Text account their in their first education course.

Education Students develop an e-portfolio through Live Text. There is a graduate assistant, who will be in the education lab in Patrick Henry on select days/times, to assist students. The e-portfolio is a repository of important program documents that the RMU student will keep in one orderly place. The completed e-portfolio is checked at the end of student teaching as Pass/No Pass. 
Field Experiences 

RMU students have mandated PDE observation and exploration field experiences connected to specific coursework. During senior year, students have a pre-student teaching experience during the fall semester and a 15-week student teaching experience during the last semester.  The Office of Teacher Education Field Experiences makes all placements in area schools.  Students cannot self-place for field experiences, pre-student teaching or student teaching.  All coursework must be completed before student teaching.

Undergraduate Teacher Education Progress Process (TEPP)

The teacher education program has a three-level process outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  As part of this Teacher Education Progress Process (TEPP), students must apply for candidacy, pre-student teaching, and student teaching.

An outline of this process is below. To view more details on the Teacher Education Progress Process for undergraduate students click here.

Level One: Application for Candidacy

Students should apply before their junior year.  To apply successfully, students must have:

Students may then proceed into teacher certification coursework and pre-student teaching professional experience with Level One Candidacy.

Level Two: Application for Student Teaching

Students must have:

Students will then be placed at a site for Student Teaching and will be permitted to register for Student Teaching.

Level Three: Application for Certification

Students must have:

University recommendation to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for teacher certification will be made with Level Three completion.