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Program Goals

Ph.D. in Instructional Management and Leadership

The program has a strong base in educational research while providing practical applications to issues and problems.  A strong emphasis is placed on how educational and corporate leaders direct and manage research in order to bring resolve to important matters that affect students, clients, teachers and community.

Upon graduating from the program, doctoral students will be able to:

  • Understand the complex interrelationships among the diverse stakeholders in the instructional process;
  • Serve as a competent instructional manager and leader in the educational and corporate environment;
  • Demonstrate mastery of the research skills of a teacher/scholar through professional presentations, scholarly writing and successful completion of a dissertation;
  • Improve student/employee achievement; and
  • Foster the effective use of technology.
Highlights of the program include: 
  • Eighteen credits of coursework with a dual focus in instructional management and leadership
  • Fifteen credits of research courses to prepare you for the dissertation, the culminating project of the program
  • Completely online coursework, ideal for the needs of working professionals
  • A major strength of the program is the developmental progression of research courses which provides the skills needed to complete the coursework and dissertation in just three years.  Each summer there will be a one (1) week residency requirement where students will be able to meet with faculty and engage in the dissertation process.  This includes the Chapter 1 meeting, the Proposal defense meeting, and the dissertation defense.  Candidates also have visual meetings using Skype to connect with his/her advisor.