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Fully-Online IML PhD Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition for the online program? 

The tuition for 2015-2016 is $7040 per semester or $21,120 for the year. This price is fixed for all three years.

How many people are in the cohort?

Cohort size is 12-18 students.

Can I work my full-time job and still take this program?

Yes, all previous applicants have held full-time positions.

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

Not presently.

Are the residencies required?

Yes. All online students have three (3) yearly residences during the last week of June each year.

How many people graduate in the three years?

Almost 90% of graduates complete the program in three years.

Who teaches in this doctoral program? 

All doctoral faculty have terminal degrees and publish.

How are advisors selected for the dissertations?

Advisors are selected by dissertation students.

How are the interviews conducted?

All interviews will be conducted by phone or SKYPE.

What are the start dates for the program?

The program will begin in the summer of 2016.

What technology is required for this program? 

Technology required: WINDOWS 7 or later MAC equivalent, webcam, Internet access

How long has RMU had a PhD program in leadership?

RMU’s fully accredited on-ground program is going into its twelfth year.

Where do IML PhD students advance after graduation?

Many are promoted, move to higher education, or publish.

What are the costs and accommodations for the summer residency?

The five-day residency will be at Yorktown Residential Hall which is the newly renovated Holiday Inn in Moon Township. The total cost will be $250 for the week. Rooms have separate bathroom facilities. Meals will be provided. Those students living close to campus are not required to spend the night. Students are responsible for travel to and from campus.