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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice is a growing discipline and career field in the US today, and one that increasingly requires a bachelor’s degree. The fully-online Criminal Justice degree at Robert Morris provides a rigorous education for students interested in pursuing careers on the federal, state or local levels of the criminal justice system.

The criminal justice degree at Robert Morris equips graduates with broad knowledge. This is particularly important as career paths in criminal justice vary between government, education, health care and security. Building upon communication and critical thinking skills instilled in the RMU core, this degree includes course offerings in sociology, psychology and political science.

This degree offers students the opportunity to pursue further studies in needed areas such as cyber forensics, data analytics and forensics through restricted and open electives. In addition, it requires an internship experience through a practicum in the final year. The practicum is particularly crucial, so that students receive actual work experience in the criminal justice system. Many criminal justice jobs require work experience in the field. Also, beyond gaining professional experience, this experience can help students make more informed decisions concerning their career path.

Police Academy

Robert Morris hosts a Municipal Police Academy for the Pittsburgh region, training students to receive state Act 120 certification to become police officers in cities, boroughs, townships, and municipalities in Pennsylvania.

The Police Academy can provide online criminal justice students an important professional experience plus the opportunity for course credit. Cadets who complete their Act 120 certification at the RMU Police Academy can earn up to 18 credits toward a degree in criminal justice.  

Program Strengths

  • Flexible program, with open electives to individualize and meet each student’s needs and interests 
  • A curriculum that introduces and reinforces the major content areas in criminal justice, allowing students to gain mastery of knowledge and skills in the discipline 
  • A broad basis of knowledge, with coursework that includes sociology, psychology and political science 
  • A required internship (practicum) relevant to the student’s career interests, in order to refine his or her professional and leadership skills and develop a resume with an eye toward a post-graduate career path 
  • A totally-online format that allows students to complete the degree at their convenience

Curriculum Requirements

The 120-credit hour curriculum leads to a B.S. degree. The program has four components:

Robert Morris University Core – 39 credits
These are the traditional liberal arts requirements of the University. Studies in humanities and the social, behavioral, natural and quantitative sciences are included.

Major Requirements – 45 credits
Required criminal justice courses, as well as courses in psychology, sociology, political science and statistics. It includes a criminal justice practicum.

Restricted Electives – 12 credits
The student selects four courses from options in criminal justice, sociology, psychology, or cyber forensics.

Open Electives – 24 credits
The student selects eight courses within the University offerings to broaden his or her skills in some area of interest.

For more information on Criminal Justice at Robert Morris University, please contact Dr. Frank Hartle at 724-612-1233 or

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