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Student Teaching Abroad

University Professor Daniel J. Shelley accompanies education students to Belize for student teaching, a program in Belmopan, the capital of the Central American nation.  Students travel to Belize and are able to plan, implement and assess the diverse forms of learning in an actual school environment, through observations, one-on-one tutoring, and group instruction.  Aruba, where they have opportunities to apply in-class learning to real-world situations.  
RMU student teachers have also done a similar program in the International School of Aruba, which boasts a U.S.-accredited university preparatory program with a focus on leadership, character, and community service. “We put an emphasis on community service via student organizations, activities, and with teachers as models who are actively engaged in the community,” says headmaster Paul D. Sibley, echoing a sentiment that is central to RMU’s curriculum.  Alumni have commented on the strength of the program, especially how “teaching students from all over the world has been an awesome challenge and great learning experience."  

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