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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about becoming a teacher?

Here are some answers.


What is my first step?  

For high school students: Talk with your favorite teacher about their job, and ask yourself whether this is something you would really like to do.  Then think about what kind of teacher you would like to become.  
For transfer students: check your GPA and make sure it is above 3.0, then look at the other requirements for transferring into a teacher education program as a transfer student.  
For students who already have a bachelor's degree: check your GPA and make sure it is above 3.0, then look at the other requirements for transferring into a teacher education program as a post-baccalaureate student.  

What kind of teacher can I be?

First, determine what age range you want to teach: either Early Childhood (grades preK to 4), Middle Level (grades 5 and 6), or Secondary (grades 7-12).  
Next, if you are interested in teaching grades 7-12, figure out what subject you want to teach (either Math, Biology, Business and Computers, English, or Social Studies).   

How do I become a certified teacher?

It may seem like a long road to becoming a certified teacher, but we are here to help you every step of the way. After being admitted to the Education Program of your choice at RMU and successfully completing 48 credits, students apply for Candidacy (which is an opportunity to review progress toward meeting state requirements to obtain teacher certification in the state of Pennsylvania). Once students have successfully passed through Candidacy, they complete their coursework, do student teaching, pass all relevant Praxis exams, and apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for certification (which our Education Office will assist).  
The steps are outlined in the Teacher Education Progress Process for undergraduatespost-baccalaureate students, and transfer students

Will I get a job?

Pennsylvania is in the midst of an extreme teacher shortage.  In 2013, 16,631 people graduated from teacher-training programs, but by 2015 that had dropped to 6,125.  Mass retirements of the baby boom generation will only exacerbate this situation. 
Our data consistently shows a majority of program completers reporting that they have positions in education within three years of graduation.  More data on program completers and the Education programs at RMU can be found here.  

I want to transfer into an RMU teacher education program.  How can I do that? 

Please see the requirements for transfer students, and then talk with the Education Department Head.  

What are the requirements for entering a teacher education program?

To see the requirements for entering a teacher education program click the corresponding links for incoming freshmenstudents who already have bachelor's degrees, and transfer students

Can I do an online program?  

No.  Within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania it is not possible to gain teacher certification through an online program.    

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